The Journey Home (8/24)

Spending roughly 9 hours in the City of Pines, not for leisure but for an assignment in our class, I found myself at a crossroad—to join my classmates on their trip to Sagada or to take a bus to the Ilocos province and spend the long weekend wandering alone. I decided not to do any of those; I weighed my priorities and instead, chose to buy a ticket back home. It may not be the most adventurous decision I’ve done, in fact, it may be a boring and awful choice – to choose a trip back to the city over an adventure that is waiting to happen.

But I was decided on making that trip back home, even though the fervent traveler in me was screaming “Abort, abort!” and telling me to ride the other bus that would take me to the deeper interiors of the Mountain Province.

I said “no” because of the papers that I have yet to write for a particular class, and also, that it is the anniversary of our church on Sunday, which I don’t want to miss out on. Simple may be my reason for passing up on a rare opportunity to travel but it is due to my priorities that I was able to say no to an enticing offer.

Despite missing out on that excursion, my trip back home became worthwhile because it made me think a lot. Not in the stressful and worrying kind of thinking, but in a manner that made me realize the things that I’m engaged on right now; photography, ministry, career, post-grad studies, and life in general. Even though, I believe, that I am in a state of confusion (clue: quarter-life crisis), I know that God allowed me to be in this place for me to learn and be trained for something greater. I may not know what exactly He holds for my future, but that’s fine with me. I don’t want my future to be predictable anyway.

So now, I believe that this season that I am on is clearly a season in which I am to learn to trust His leading. No longer am I the captain of my life’s ship, it is all Him. My life is all His anyway, so why bother take control?

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